Cafe Rouge

How do you decide on a place to eat for lunch?

My principle is usually to stay away from chain restaurants, especially if you are exploring a new town, on the reasoning that since I’m in a new place anyway, I should try out something that is unique to the location rather than something that is so easily accessible anywhere.

But it was a cold and rainy afternoon and my friend (who was in town for a weekend visit) and I were dying to warm ourselves up with decent food at manageable prices, so we gave up on trying to trek halfway across the city centre for that perfect lunch place, and Cafe Rouge it was.

The nom: Toasted waffle topped with goat cheese and ratatouille, rocket salad on the side
Price:  £6.50 (One course, Prix Fixe set lunch menu)
Location: York city centre, Low Petergate

I’ve heard that goat cheese can have a rather strong/pungent taste for those who are not used to it, which would make this combination sound pretty dubious on the menu, but to my pleasant surprise the savoury taste of the toasted waffle as well as the herb-y mix of ratatouille stew went comfortably with the tang of the cheese. Texture-wise, the waffle could have been crispier and less dry, (and also a little sweeter; maybe I’m just a sucker for sugar), but otherwise I liked how the cheese almost melts into the skin of the waffle. Rocket salad’s standard, but I love rocket anyway, so it all amounted to a good, satisfying lunch in a contemporary French restaurant setting with a cosy interior.

Go if…You’re feeling a little less imaginative and want decent food at affordable prices.



One thought on “Cafe Rouge

  1. Ha ha , your compelling story really makes my mouth water and it is so close to my place, especially. Looking forward your story in Grassington.

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