The Retreat (Grassington)

When you are starving, exhuasted and confronted with an unfamiliar street full of good eateries, you can only hope to settle for a place that serves up a satisfying and wholesome meal.

The pale shade of green framing The Retreat Cafe & tearoom stood out against the cobble grey  buildings, and with the likes of a good crowd and a seemingly cosy interior, we decided to go for it.

True to it’s name, this little cafe was a pleasant retreat from the cold wind and our tired feet. The interior is set in soft pastel colors, with bits of homely ornaments and fairy lights strung around an artificial fireplace. There is also something about the lighting of the place that puts the heart in a comforting place.

At first sight, the menu seemed to forebode a disappointing meal. With toasties and sandwiches going by vegetarian and gluten/dairy free standards. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vegetables, but it was just one of those days when you are wildly in need for something hearty…and the idea of vegetables between two slices of bread just would not make the cut. We weren’t particularly adventurous and ordered three sets of ratatouille lasagna, and boy did that send us beaming.

The lovely combination of sauteed crougettes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and onions, layered  between sheets of pasta, served with a glorious portion of fries and fresh salad (£6.80) won me over. I loved how there was a selection of elements on my plate and how they complimented each other. A toss up of vegetables in a bed of warm tomato sauce, sealed in with melted cheese on eggy sheets of pasta, and fluffy fries to dip. Life is good… I also liked how we were seated by the window, us four enjoying a great meal and occasionally glancing out and catching people going about their daily lives.

I do not know what defines a good cappuccino but that was one frothy cup of goodness. The coffee and milk was done to the right proportions and the foam (my favourite bit)  was thick and smooth, with chocolate sprinkles imprinted on them, I felt like i was eating chocolatey clouds, if you know what I mean (:

I loved my time in Grassington, and secretly wished for the day to last a little longer.

The Retreat Cafe & Teahouse

14-16 Main St  Skipton BD23 5AA
01756 751 887



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