Gatehouse Coffee

The other day Mary had asked me for tea at Betty’s, and in lieu of fresh scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam, we walked to town with happy hearts.  & then somewhere between talking about nothing and home Mary stopped and pointed upwards. She asked “Have you heard of this cafe?” We were beneath a stone bridge, I looked around and said “Here? No…but shall we try it?” She said yes, and just like that we abandoned our plans and found ourselves at this little coffee house.

Gatehouse Coffee

 The excitement of walking up a stairwell is the ambiguity in what awaits atop.


This hidden gem seats unsuspiciously  above the walmgate bridge and spots a humble menu with a selection of beverages, paninins and little sugary bites for the sweet toothed. It is one of those places you would go to, and stay in for hours with the likes of a cup of tea and a good friend/book.

There are two levels to the coffee house and we set atop because we liked that they had comfy sofas and a book shelf which made the place feel homely. Mary had a chocolate chip cookie and an americano (£1.50), and I had a chicken pesto pannini (£2.95)  with a cup of latte (£2.00).

Mary really liked her Americano, I tried some for the first time and decided that I quite liked it. My latte was lovely, it came brimming with foam in a simple swirly pattern that made me smile.  It was smooth and milky with a subtle hint of espresso, and more importantly warmed me up from the cold outside.

 This panini had everything I liked in it, pesto, chicken and mozzarella.  Because it was toasted, the pesto was nicely infused within the innards of the bread and the cheese blanketed the generous portion of chicken. I don’t know why but the sight of freshly melted cheese overflowing from the confines of a sandwich makes me happy…  I was rather full from half a panini but continued munching my way through because it was so good.

I love this place and I hope you like me, discover it by sheer chance of a good friend or someway or another. Twas a good afternoon and I’m glad we abandoned betty’s for this.

Walmgate Bar  York,
North Yorkshire YO10 2UB
01904 733888
Mon – Sat: 10am to 6pm
Closed on Sundays



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