Postcard from Paris: Blé Sucré

While planning for my Paris itinerary in December, I came across so many raving reviews of Blé Sucré that it was virtually impossible attempting to resist paying a visit to the famed patisserie.

It is an unassuming, friendly bakery overlooking the scenic Square Trousseau in the 12th district of Paris. The pastry chef, Fabrice Le Bourdat, was working at a three-Michelin starred restaurant (no kidding) before he decided to set up his own shop, delivering fluffy croissants, savoury buttery Madeleines and exquisite desserts to customers all day. At about 3-5 euros for each item, the prices are reasonable too, considering the high quality that they are produced in!

I have to confess that I can’t really identify the exact name of the desserts; (we managed to get by in Paris mostly by gesturing/pointing and exhibiting our perfect command of Bonjour/Merci/Combien Ca Coute and the all-important Parlez-Vous Anglais? – can you speak English?) but this could possibly be the best dessert I’ve ever tried in Paris. Aside from the Pierre Herme macaroons, that is.

The icing on the strawberry vanilla cake had a perfect texture, rich and creamy; once you sink your teeth into the first bite you will feel it melt away. Bliss. And the cake itself was light and fluffy, infused with fresh strawberries that add a lovely zest to the just-nice sweetness of the icing.

The chocolate was like a mini log-cake, only better. Same perfect texture, oozing dark chocolate filling on the inside the moment you take that first stab with your dessert spoon. It was a gorgeous winter afternoon, sitting outside a famed (yet still inviting; none of that I’m-too-posh-for-you air that is often associated with well-known places) bakery and watching the world go by.

Try the breads and Madeleines if you can, along with a chocolate milkshake perhaps. I’ve heard that their Madeleines are one of the best in Paris (and probably in the world as well) and looking back now I regret not buying even more things off their delectable menu!

Blé Sucré
7 rue Antoine-Vollon, 75012 Paris

+33 1 43 40 77 73
Metro: Ledru Rollin

Opens: Tuesday-Saturday 0700-1930, Sunday 0700-1330



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