Khao San

Khao San is probably the best Thai restaurant you can find in York.

It was the sunniest day I’ve ever experienced in York and the entire city felt so welcoming; Khao San seemed like the perfect place to stop for lunch while soaking in the sunshine.

It seems like it is characteristic of all the Walmgate eateries to boast such a homely, welcoming interior. Khao San feels modern and traditional at the same time, with curtains and draperies that separate individual sections of the restaurant, and framed photos of Thailand carefully mounted on the wall.

On the weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), they’ve got an lunch deal that can get you a starter and a main for £10.

Golden Fried Mixed Vegetable in Batter

My starter! It turned out tasting similar to having Japanese tempura vegetables; the batter wasn’t too thick or starchy and it was perfectly crispy, which made the contrast in texture from the vegetables especially appealing. The vegetables were mostly carrots, peppers and broccoli-I especially liked the one with the pepper because the flavours mixed together really well. It also came with a soy sauce dipping and a mayo sauce that had an interesting Thai spin on it. My only gripe is that the food could have been served in a bowl; the small plate was practically overflowing which made stabbing a fork into it particularly difficult!

Prawn and Pork on Crispy Seaweed

What M had (: The prawn and pork was sort of like a fishcake/pancake kind of thing, and it had a really nice savoury flavour to it, not to mention it being really tender and juicy on the inside. Nicely set off with the seaweed which gave it a great overall taste and texture.

Pad Thai Noodles

Been a while since I’ve tasted the flavourful aromas of Asian food in a restaurant! This definitely brought a taste of home back; flour noodles with a nice consistency, stir-fried with bean sprouts, beef , eggs as well as dried shrimps (a key ingredient for stir-fries!) The beef had a slightly dry texture which didn’t work to its disadvantage, surprisingly, it came out tasting similar to barbecued pork. The portion was also quite generous; even for a big eater like me I found myself twirling the noodles trying to stomach it all after having had the starter as well.

Green Curry with Beef

And Thai fragrant rice (:

The thing I love the most about green curry is how it has such a aromatic taste but doesn’t come out as exceedingly spicy as well! M found the texture to be slightly thinner then he would have preferred (needed more coconut milk maybe?) but otherwise I thought that the vegetables and meat went well with the curry, and the curry itself felt hearty without being too starchy/heavy as well. Definitely authentically made from scratch, without reliance on pre-made curry powders!

This is my second time at Khao San after having had dinner there at the start of the term; I don’t think it will be the last either (:

Khao San Rd. Thai Bistro

50-52 Walmgate, York YO1 9TJ
+44  1904 635599

(Closed on Mondays)


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