Cafe Continental (Durham)

I visited Andrea in Durham last term during the amazing Lumiere Festival (a massive installation event that transforms the whole of Durham and attracts visitors from all over the Northern England region), and we were ravenous for food after waking up so early (me to catch the train, her to fetch me from the station!)

If you’re looking for a cosy, hearty brunch place in Durham, Cafe Continental is definitely the place to go. Breakfast is served 9am-12 noon, and they’ve got a great variety of dishes for other meals as well.

Andrea and her tortilla wrap

We were really happy with the food (: Besides serving crepe meals they’ve also got traditional English breakfasts, paninis, an assortment of cakes etc… You’ll be spoiled for choice! Cafe Continental has two levels, and it was really busy at around 10-11am on a Saturday morning. The eatery has a very traditional English vibe, with waiters in formal uniforms and food being brought over to you in proper steel trays/trolleys. They’ve even got this small lift thing that can send food directly from the kitchens up to the second floor!


What I finally settled on after perusing the massive menu: Spicy Mexican Chicken Crepe (£5.75)

It was a really decent brunch; actually, more than decent it was pretty damn awesome 😀 It took maybe a 10-20 minute wait, but it was worth it, and I appreciated the fact that food is served to you piping hot which only enhances the flavour. They were generous with the chicken helpings, and the crepe was stuffed full of other savoury ingredients that added to the overall taste such as bell peppers, etc. We were practically stuffed after finishing everything that was on our plates, so I didn’t get to try more of what was on offer, but I will love to return here when I head up for another weekend visit to Durham again (:



Weren’t the lights at the Lumiere Festival pretty? :3

Cafe Continental Durham
87a/b Elvet Bridge

0191 386 0000




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  1. Hey Jessica!

    Unfortunately we do not have one as of yet, but thank you for your support and we will put a link up if we have one (:
    Also your blog is looking really professional, are you in the medical industry?

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