The George and Dragon (Aysgarth)

Judith’s dad was here for the weekend and we took a day trip out into the Yorkshire countryside. Stopping right at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park near the Aysgarth Falls at the George and Dragon Inn for lunch.

While it serves as a guesthouse, the inn is also well-known for it’s culinary offerings as seen from the Rosette Award proudly decorated on the walls. I love the uncertainty when stepping into an eatery, in not knowing what the place looks like and what to expect.

The George and Dragon Inn boast an interior full of vintage flair and unique hangings and draperies. It gave off a contrasting vibe to the outside which was filled with endless stretches of pastures.It was rather quiet when we first arrived, but filled up rapidly as other hikers and walkers stopped by for a rest after a morning of trekking along the countryside.

We’ve been told that people up North are alot friendlier, and it appears so as we were approached casually by a man hanging by the bar, genuinely curious about our whereabouts.

Beef and red onion marmalade ciabatta 

Yuen: While I found the sandwich bread slightly harder/tougher than I would have liked, the sandwich was really satisfying, and adding marmalade into this otherwise conventional sandwich mixture gave it an unexpected twist as well. I also thought that red onion and marmalade complemented the taste and texture of the beef really well.

Nat: My liking towards bread has grown so much during my time here, and despite it’s hard bite I really enjoyed the crunch followed by the softer texture of the beef. The red onion marmalade was an interesting touch, where the sweetness of onions has been cleverly exploited into jam. It might not be a taste many would enjoy, but personally I really liked how the sweetness of the onions, and the flavour of the beef was all put into a nice balance between the ciabatta toast.

Soup of the day: Mushroom

Yuen: Loving the fact that the mushroom soup was home-made rather than one of those run-of-the-mill ones that come straight from out of a can; the result was a really hearty, authentic mushroom flavour that wasn’t too thick or diluted in the soup at the same time.

Nat: I love soup, however if given a chance I wouldn’t go for a creamy one. Although this soup had a creamy texture it was light and well balanced with the strong flavours of the mushroom. The drizzle of olive oil on the top gave the soup an enhanced fragrance. Perfect to dip with bread.

Unfortunately we did not take down it’s name of this dish, but it was some form of local cumberland sausages on mash. According to Judith’s dad it was really fresh and well cooked

Scampi in Fried Batter, peas and chips

Yuen: I tried one of the scampi, and it was really fresh, plus the batter wasn’t too thick or crumbly — really crispy and fragrant, just the way I like it (:

Last but not least a picture of the Aysgarth falls, enjoy.

George & Dragon Inn

North Yorkshire, DL8 3AD
01969 663358


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