Patisserie Valerie

Word has gotten around that Patisserie Valerie has a new franchise in York. I’ve passed by the patisserie several times but have never gotten round to trying their food. With an extensive display of delicately decorated cakes and pastries it is nearly impossible to give this bakery a miss. What’s more their service crew have these cute baking outfits on, that includes the likes of an apron and boaty hat.



A pretty standard cup of mocha with a stronger blend of cocoa and coffee beans.



Overall it was a decent cup of cappuccino, however it was more milky then I would’ve liked it. However the chocolate powder that coated the froth made up for it (:


Egg’s benedict with Smoked Salmon.

Apparently, it was only mediocre and the serving portion was small in comparison to the conventional version. Moreover the bread was poorly toasted, leaving it soft and…disappointing. The hollandaise sauce which was supposed to be the main star of the dish did not leave a strong impression.


Mini sandwiches with roasted chicken breast and gammon. Salad & chips on the side.

I love the idea of mini sandwiches and chips. The bread had a lovely rustic bite to it, and was toasted nicely as well. It was also abundant in fresh vegetables and savoury chicken and ham. It was a visually pleasing and satisfying meal.

At the end of the day I would encourage you to stick with their cakes and pastries , they are a patisserie afterall.


Birthdays are the best excuse to indulge in cake. Over the course of spring term we’d several birthday celebrations and for some reason we always find ourselves at the cake counter of patisserie valerie.

 Double Chocolate Gateau

I do apologize for not providing a better picture, we basically dived our forks in once the candles were blown out. Just like it’s name suggest, this cake would be brilliant for chocolate lovers. If you aren’t one, you’ll probably convert. That might have been a little too extreme, but the point is this is a  wonderful cake, but  a single slice could leave you feeling awfully sick because of the richness to it…however it is subjective. Nevertheless I would recommend it; it’ll see smiles all over the room.

Double Chocolate Dream Gateau

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the cake, because this photo was taken before the establishment of the blog. I ask of you to focus on the cake, and ignore the glowing figure at the back. They really meant it when they said it was double chocolate dream.  

So I kind of stole a picture off google to give you a better picture of what it actually looks like. Although the cake was purely chocolatey, there were several layers of chocolate to it.  It was a interplay of smooth chocolate mousse, and a fluffy chocolate sponge. The cake was also topped with a circle of custard balls. The custard balls balanced out the richness of the cake in some ways, but overall a slice would leave you dreamy.

Habana Gateau

This is such a adorable and fun cake to have. It is topped up with mini cupcakes and rounded by dark chocolate fingers. It even has a lovely green ribbon to it that makes it look like a present. This was a chocolate base cake with fruity innards and a crunchy biscuit base. Just imagine all the different textures and flavours right now. This was a great cake to share and eat, we were picking at the chocolate fingers and cupcakes so much that… it got a little tricky when we had to cut it into slices.  Aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

 They have many other branches scattered all over the UK. Do check out their website for more details or even to browse through their lovely selection of cakes (:

Nat  (:

Patisserie Valerie
5 Feasegate
Tel: 01904 635983


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