My Old Dutch

 If you are my friend you will probably know how much I love pancakes & crepes.

During my last visit to London, Han Qing and Calvin brought us to My Old Dutch for dinner. My Old Dutch is a haven for crepe/pancake lovers.

Essentially taking the concept of a pizza, and replacing the base with a gigantic pancake. Although… the pancake tasted 100% like a crepe.

We decided for two savoury and two sweet pancakes.

smoked duck
smoked duck breast, mixed sweet pepper, spring onions, mushrooms & hoi sin sauce 


 The pancake had a lovely texture to it, it packs a firm and chewy bite yet at the same time it was soft and moist. The smoked duck was marinated well and the capsicums gave the dish an extra crunch and a natural sweetness. All the ingredients were blanketed with the oriental hoi sin sauce, which enhanced the flavour of each ingredient whilst giving the pancake a saline taste. This dish holds up a western base with asian condiments, a good compliment of flavours.


king prawns, tuna, olives, cheese with tomato sauce (can be served with anchovies & capers) 

Everything about this dish reminded me of a seafood pizza, and it is very much so like one except for a different base and the moderate use of cheese. The base of any dish is crucial in determining the resulting taste as it the main neutral supporting flavour that will balance out the rest of the ingredients. The seafood was fresh, and the olives and wedge of lemon gave the pancake a zingy touch.


with cream or ice cream
 I was expecting them to serve up canned peaches with this one, however to my pleasant surprise they were fresh. Fresh peaches are my favourite. We chose for our peaches to go with ice cream, and we all know you can’t really go too wrong with this combination: Vanilla ice cream, fresh peaches, fresh pancake, and icing sugar.
Ever since I’ve tried my first dutch pancakes in manchester’s christmas market, I have been dying to try it again. When this dish came I’d thought they had served it to the wrong table. Little to my knowing had my friends changed our  nutella pancake to this glorious plate of…

Pofferjtes: ice cake

dusted in icing sugar, served with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and drizzled in chocolate sauce – served on out traditional delftware plate
(serves 2-4 people)

This entirely encapsulates a sweet end to our savoury meal. The pofferjtes was different from the one’s I had in manchester, the batter seems to be gooier and thicker, but at the same time sealing in the fluffiness. Imagine warm fluffy balls of pofferjtes to go with… huge lumps of whip cream, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, and generous portions of chocolate sauce. Luxurious. This is sugarland on a plate.
 I forsee myself revisiting this place the next time I’m back, be it to fix a craving or a place to share a hearty array of quality pancakes/crepes, my old dutch is a great place to be.  They also have special deals on Mondays (Monday maddness) where all pancakes, sweet or savoury are priced at  a lovely 5 pounds. There are 3 branches scattered all over london, that night we enjoyed ours at Holborn.
My Old Dutch
131-132 High Holborn
Tel: 020 7242 5200
Nat xx

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