The Blue Bicycle

We have seen (and heard so much about) The Blue Bicycle on our very first day in York, and have been meaning to try it ever since.

Located just a little way into Walmgate, it boasts such a welcoming, homely exterior. (And they give out free postcards at the counter too!)

Daryl’s artistic shot (:

Complimentary starter. Bread with garlic clove & butter.

Really liked how the starter was so “hands-on”, from scooping up the garlic to tearing the warm bread apart with your hands. The bread was soft and fluffy and went beautifully with the garlic which was infused in garlic/olive oil.

Smoked Salmon, brown Crab & Spring Onion bon bon,  Quail’s Egg sauce gribiche & smoked Paprika oil

Nat: Perhaps my favourite of the night. A really unique blend of flavours sealed in a deep fry. At it’s very least gribiche is essentially a cold  dish made with mayonnaise and egg sauce. Our Quail’s egg gribiche was a nice balance to the bon bon, in terms of providing an alternative texture and flavour.

Starter: Assiette of Tiger Prawns (£9.75)

Yuen: While I really liked the dressing and the bacon/beetroot bits that accompanied the prawns, I frankly didn’t think that this starter was really worth it! There were five of us so we ended having about…half a prawn each. Still have to admit that the bacon bits were smoked really well though. We finished all of them (:

Nat: Probably one of those dishes that excites you with it’s gourmet presentation, and then setting high expectations for it’s taste. Nevertheless the prawns were juicy and the batter was nice and crisp, also the accompaniments complimented the dish well. A decent price for the working class but a little exorbitant for students.

Main course (Yuen): Char-grilled breast of grain-fed Chicken, pommes Anna, baked Black Pudding, shiitake Mushroom velouté (£17.75)

I found the main course much more satisying (: Some people don’t like chicken breast because they’re not so fond of its texture, but I thought that the meat was really tender and the flavours infused it well! Was curious to try black pudding because I’ve never really tasted it before, and though it might be slightly strong/pungent when eaten on its own the grainy texture and strong flavour went well when you taste it with the chicken. Being far from a connoisseur and having only mastered basic French I have to sheepishly admit that I thought ‘pommes Anna’ was like apples or something. Then I realised that it was actually a dish that consists of layered potatoes, cooked with butter (which was a pleasant surprise!) In addition to filling me up the pommes Anna had a really smooth and interesting texture due to the layers as well. Definitely beats boring old mash potatoes any day now.

Mae’s: Pan-seared fillet of Salmon, Beetroot fricassée, enoki Mushrooms & a warm Potato & Horseradish salad

Nat: Loved the presentation of this one, thought it semi looked like the salmon was floating atop a cloud of vegetables. Taste wise the salmon was seared beautifully, and the bed of vegetables balances out the huge portion of protein. Keeping the flavours refreshing.

Main course (Aaron): Char-grilled Yorkshire Sirloin Steak with Celeriac “rémoulade” purée, parmentier Potatoes, glazed chantenay Carrots & Black Truffle Butter (£21.75)

Yuen: Managed to steal a bite of Aaron’s sirloin steak, which was medium rare if I am not wrong! Succulent meat, not too tough, not too soft, infused with enough flavour (:

Nat: Got to try a little of this dish and found it cooked nicely, the beef was tender and seemed to seal in the marinated flavours well. According to Aaron he felt that the dish did not shine through as much as he would’ve expected it, but nevertheless it was a good steak.

Main course (Nat) : Pan-fried fillet of Stone Bass, Chilli risotto, Crayfish Mascarpone, crisp Tortilla £18.00
Nat: It’s been a long time coming since I’d fish for dinner (Life of a sad uni/lazy student), so I was pretty excited about my stone bass.
The mascarpone was of an interesting flavour, crayfish. I am not sure if I can explain the taste adequately but I felt that it tended more towards the fishy side despite being composed mainly of cheese. On it’s own it may be a little rich/strong but if you have it alongside the stone bass which has a more neutral flavour  or the risotto, the mascarpone makes a nice accompaniment. The Chilli risotto was great, served in a tea cup and filled with lots of flavours and a gooey texture. It is slightly spicy so if your tolerance is low you should request for a milder taste. Also if you happen to be allergic to beans please avoid this dish because it is laden with them. I enjoyed the contrast of textures and taste of the stone bass, the crispy pan fried skin, and the softer bite to it’s flesh. Overall this is a lovely dish to have, one that shall leave you satisfied and stuffed.
The Blue Bicycle is illuminated with candle lights and a general orange glow, it has a romantic ambience, making it an ideal place to visit with your significant other half. That said, T.B.B. is also a nice place to be if your parents or friends are in town. Of course there are countless of items on the menu that we have yet to try, and these are just but our subjective opinions. However we do not see ourselves revisiting the place in the near future. For now the little quirky cafes that rests by the streets of York seems to be a more alluring place for us both.
The Blue Bicycle
34 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TA.

Tel: 01904 673990 | Fax: 01904 658147



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