The Grill Room at Royal Castle Hotel (Dartmouth)

The Grill Room at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth, where we stayed at on my Easter visit, is probably the place to go to for a traditional, proper dinner with your family; it is known among the officer cadets at the nearby Royal Naval College as ‘The Castle’ and offers a lovely sea view alongside immensely well-prepared seafood (think mussels and haddock!) which are in my opinion rather value-for-money, given the generous quantity and quality! Thanks to the newly-commissioned SLT Tan for the treat; It was an amazing meal.

On a side note, the restaurant itself was also posh without being overwhelmingly intimidating, and is a really comfortable environment to just spend the night catching up with loved ones.

Starter: Smoked haddock chowder with warm bread

There wasn’t just haddock but also generous servings of prawns in this dish, and the savoury chowder really complements the warm bread when you eat them together. Pickles and onions all contribute an additional tang to the overall mix, and the chowder’s texture was just right – not too thick, not too watery either. I knew that I would struggle to finish my main course after this overwhelming starter!

Pan Seared Loch Duart Salmon
crushed new potatoes, roquet & parmesan salad, raspberry dressing

I thought that the raspberry dressing was a really good idea for this one – it gave the otherwise traditional combination and interesting twist, but rocket salad, potatoes and pan-seared salmon definitely complement each other very well, and (I can’t stop repeating this) I am in love with the fresh seafood! Pan-searing salmon takes a certain technique, because if you don’t do it right it might become too hard, and it might be bland as well, but this was savoury enough without verging on salty and the texture was great.

South Devon Mussels Mariniere with skinny fries

Huiting was craving for mussels and her craving more than got satisfied with this dish! She told me that she actually didn’t really take to seafood until she arrived in Dartmouth; I can see exactly why, given its wide availability in the coastal area of Devon! I think this was a picture of just the starter, but the main dish was really huge, and I think you can definitely get pretty full just munching on these mussels alone.

Again, another photo of the lovely sea view – this time directly from the window of The Grill Room at the hotel!

The Grill Room at the Royal Castle Hotel
11 The Quay, Dartmouth TQ6 9PS, England


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      • Awww no we’re just doing what we like and posting it somewhere – Just like you guys! Really good job here btw!!! 🙂 I’m in the midst of finding fellow Singaporean student-foodies for interviews! Are you guys interested! 🙂 -Chewy

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