Nowa Prowincja (Krakow, Poland)

Of all the cafes that we have visited in Europe thus far, the historic Nowa Prowincja in Krakow could possibly be the one that fits the bill perfectly for my ideal cafe : wrapping my fingers around a cup of their unique hot chocolate, sitting at one of the rustic tables inside and soaking up the laid-back, chatty atmosphere, catching up with a good friend over meaningful conversation.

It was a really sunny day too, so imagine just sitting by this glass window, watching the world go by as the precious sunlight filters into the room.

As you can see, it has a really comfortable, unpretentious vibe. Amnesty International posters are casually tacked on the walls, as are some flyers and advertisements about Polish literary events in the vicinity (tapped out in typewriter font, no less!)

As Andrea puts it this is simply “heaven in a cup.” It feels like you are drinking luxuriously melted chocolate that is so pure and rich. Of course there is more to that then melted chocolate. The amount of happiness that gets to you upon breaking the initial layer with your tea spoon and seeing the fluidity of the chocolate slowly trickle down to form a connection from spoon to liquid just liberates you.

It looks amazing and upon tasting it, the world immediately feels like a better place. I am not even kidding. It was like an explosion of all the good things in life, sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, I could taste them in mouth. It was extremely thick and flavourful but the serving portion was just right. It satisfies you and leaves you wanting more. Travelling to an exotic place, the foreign air, the rustic wooden tables and a cup of hot chocolate uniting people from all walk’s of life in this little unassuming cafe… what else can one ask for?

As you can see we have dedicated the header of this blog to three empty cups of hot chocolate from Nowa Prowincja. Hands down this is the best cup of hot chocolate we’ve had in our entire lives. As Andrea puts it again “I’ll rather have a guy propose to me with this(holds up hot chocolate) then a diamond ring.”

Nowa Prowincja has one of the best ambience close to a quintessential cafe out of a french movie. If only we had this back home. Then again if we were to replicate the place it would be no where near it simply because of the setting of the cafe, cobble stoned streets, European architecture, and a quiet that has so much to it.

Nat and Yuen

Bracka 3-5  Kraków, Poland
12 430 24 66


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