Polakowski (Poland)

If you’re looking for a cheap, hearty meal in a friendly self-service restaurant setting in Krakow (Poland), Polakowski just off the main market square is the way to go. We simply could not get enough of the amazing Polish dumplings known as Pierogis and it more than satisfied our cravings here.

The place has a really calm and relaxing vibe to it. The walls are painted with warm blue skies, angels floating by the lights and luscious fruits and vegetables adorn the shelves. The locals polishing off their plates of food so daintily and you are surrounded by a quiet hubbub of accents. There is something reassuring about this, almost giving you a sense about quality of the food to be expected.

Our initial plan of having pierogis was obviously abandoned when we were greeted with a counter of polish food. We were quickly drawn to the scent that smelt of bacon and pepper. We shared a bowl of soup (unfortunately I do not remember it’s name) that had a really unique flavour to it. You had a choice of adding in complimentary potato chunks or an egg. We went for the latter. The soup seemed to be cream based however it did not have a typical texture like that our usual clam chowder fare. It was flavourful as it stands but did not leave much of an impression.

Pierogis are traditional polish dumplings. There are two types of pierogis, you can enjoy them boiled or fried. For 15~18 zlotties, you get a hearty serving of  gorgeous pierogis with fillings of your choice. I had mine with mushroom, there are  other options such as minced meat with vegetables, cheese, vegetables etc etc. The texture of the skin is somewhat reminiscent of a chinese dumpling, however the main difference would be the pierogi’s skin is much thicker. The neutral layer of skin goes nicely with the flavourful innards. It can get a little overwhelming finishing all 8 of them at a shot but that was exactly what we did. We had each ordered a serving of peirogis of different flavours, exchanging flavours to keep the palate exciting.


We also got a side serving of spinach. Though it may seem unappetizing in the picture it was actually really tasty. It was drenched in some form of sauce that we suspect to be a mild form of cream or butter.

What is more interesting is the sauces that you can have alongside your polish dumplings. We couldn’t help but notice how similar the taste and concept of this dumplings were to our chinese ones. The sauces available are a tangy chilli sauce and garlic chunks in garlic oil.

We walked out of Polakowski content and stuffed, ready to take on the streets of Krakow filled with so much wanderlust. Thanks Emma for the recommendation! (:

They say the best way to knowing a place is by their food, and we can never agree more.


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