Breakfast in Berlin

Guten morgen Berlin~

Spontaneous finds always seem to work out for the better because you begin with no expectations. Day 5 in Berlin and we find ourselves back on the streets of Kopernikusstraße. This time round the entire atmosphere was slightly different as it was a weekday. The weekend crowd has dissipated to the depths of the city centre, leaving us with a sleepy neighbourhood on a lazy morning.

After surveying a few of the cafes and bars that were just open for breakfast in the area, we settled upon the cocktail bar Tempobox in the Friedrichshain district.

 A complimentary bread basket to start us off.

The entire menu was in German which also meant we did not know what we were looking at. Thankfully the waiter was really patient and nice about it and explained every single item on the breakfast menu with as much english as he can master. After much memory work and deliberation we settled on calamari and 3 sets of waffles. Mmm waffles, my love.

I know… we are such shameless fatties having calamari first thing in the morning. But we were very much in the mood for some and……  they did not disappoint. This is not me glorifying the whole dish but it really tasted like.. fried chicken meets squid. Fried chicken batter without the chicken.. crunchy and then chewy burst of tender squid. Perhaps there is a better way to describing it, but this is what comes to mind.

Our very amazing waffles with fruit salad, yogurt and an assortment of fruits.

I love waffles, and the mere sight of how beautifully they are presented wins me over. Not only is it beautifully laid out as a whole, you feel good having it. Healthy even with the generous amount of fruits served. I maybe a little biased, but the heart shaped waffle was delikat (German for delicious). Drizzled with just the right amount of choco syrup without it turning into a dessert, and  powdered sugar for that extra bit of sweetness. The fruit salad was  a toss up of  pineapple, honey dew, grapes and apples- refreshing and gives you all the fibre you’ll need.  If you like, mix the fruits by the side with your yoghurt and you  get a lovely treat.

Strawberry and Nutella spreads  are also provided to go with your waffle. If this is what breakfast is like I could eat it everyday.

The waiter also gave us a round of fresh orange juice(on the house) after we were done. So there we were  sipping on orange juice in Berlin, completely laid back and care-free. Life is good…and in the spark of the moment all you know of just hangs onto that moment and nothing else seemed to matter.

Nat xx


Tempo Box
Simon-Dach-Straße 15, 10245 Berlin

+49 30 74078861


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