Filmore & Union

We’ve heard so much about Filmore & Union in York and gone past its beautiful shop front multiple times on our countless traipses around town ; we finally found time during one of our last weeks to take a look, and boy were we impressed. Filmore & Union is one of those sustainable, gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly places that makes you feel like you’re eating as part of a greater movement (okay, exaggerations but you get my drift). Everything feels wholesome and there are all these small touches to the place that make you feel right at home. The interior is lovely, as you can see – perfect for just nursing a drink or a bowl of soup, lounging on the quaint furnishings and watching the world go by.

The place occupies two levels, and if you go up to the top floor and sit right by the window the sunlight will filter in, in a very perfect way (:

Being a delicatassen in addition to a cafe, they’ve got a nice selection of organic produce that you can choose from. Tangy, hearty flavours with intriguing textures; just looking at this array is enough to work up an appetite (:

Seasonal Soup, served with organic bread (£5.25)

If I don’t recall wrongly, this was a leek/vegetable soup that had a really lovely texture and a very wholesome taste. Nothing about what Filmore & Union has to offer feels remotely mass-produced nor carelessly made; it seems like a lot of thought and attention has been put into everything, which is how we savoured our dishes, slowly, surely.

Chicken salad with truffle oil, pistachio nuts and more !

I really love the great mix of flavours and textures they’ve put in here to make this salad a thoroughly delicious one (: The chicken had already been marinated in a variety of herbs and spices, and the truffle oil gave a tangy kick to the overall combination that we’ve got here.

Stuffed marinated chicken with roasted courgette, broccoli, aubergines  and spinach

Roasted courgettes are GREAT; all the flavours and marinade will infuse inside them totally and they’ve got this lovely texture after they’ve been roasted for a while.  The same goes for aubergine. Again, a really wholesome vibe and taste to everything because of the herbs in the chicken, and the strong mix of flavours in all the ingredients.

We also tried a slice of their pistachio-chocolate cake (:

This was slightly drier than I expected, but I suppose as it was made gluten-free, the texture would also be altered to some extent.It didn’t taste too sweet and I got more used to it after taking a few bites, kind of spongy and chewy, in a good way.

Writing about all these dishes now makes me recall and miss the streets and cafes along York… Nothing like food to inspire the nostalgia in an individual (:

Love, Yuen

Flimore & Union

Delicatessen/Cafe and

First floor Restaurant
Mon-Thur 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat 8am-11pm
Sun 9am-10pm
62a Low Petergate York, YO1 7HZ
T. 01904 654 123


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