Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro

On one of the very last days during Summer term last year Nat and I came across a discount offer for Oscar’s Wine Bar & Bistro ; combined with our sudden craving for burgers we decided that it was ripe time to give this grill restaurant a try, though we had heard little about it up until that very day!


It was early evening when I arrived early and waited for Nat ; I really liked the interior of the place and the atmosphere it exuded. It’s a big space but it felt private and cosy enough, and all the decorations gave this bistro a homely feeling that made us feel comfortable enough to just sit at a table over our meals, musing about life.


The fare that you can find at the restaurant is nothing exotic, but for the dishes that they do have on the menu, Nat and I both thought that it was really reasonable for the portions you get and the prices you pay! I think we both paid only about 6-7 pounds each for this massive plate of: a grill chicken burger, onion rings, french fries as well as  a salad on the side!


The item that stood out was probably the burger – the patty was well-marinated, not too chunky nor too dry, and they’ve got bits of mozzarella cheese oozing out from the sides as well! It just felt really hearty to be able to tuck into a meal like this (:


For dessert, we shared a brownie topped off with vanilla ice-cream. Always a classic choice to make, and they do offer good dessert here! Warm, moist brownie in a generous portion and the chocolate sauce that was drizzled over the entire dish was the icing on the cake for us (:

If you’re fancying some decent, hearty fare at reasonable prices, this is definitely a place worth considering!

Love,  Yuen

Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro
27 Swinegate  York
North Yorkshire YO1 8AZ
United Kingdom
01904 652 002

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