Paris: L’Epsilon

Imagine this: It is your last night in Paris. It is 8pm and you have a train to catch at 10pm. Having yet to try typically French dishes like Confit de canard  and Creme brulee; and without the slightest clue on places that serve them well, the situation is desperate. We chanced upon L’ Epsilon, a seemingly small cafe from the exterior but in actual fact a rather popular restaurant amongst the locals.

Image Image

A cosy interior docked in vintage green with a rather homely air


We chose two set menus, which offered us a wide variety of choices. Our waitress for the night was wonderful as she carefully explained and helped us with our entree, mains and dessert.

*P.S Pardon me I am unable to recall and I couldn’t source out the exact name of each dish therefore a personal description of each dish will be used instead.*

Appetizer I: Salmon and avacado terrine on filo pastry and a cream cheese topping. Image Image

Forking a generous portion of  terrine, one enjoys  a refreshing and delicious blend of flavours. The creamy texture of the avocado and it’s smooth buttery taste goes hand in hand with the saltiness of the smoked salmon. The base of the terrine is a light filo pastry which complements the flavours of each component.

Our second appetiser: Sun-dried tomato, goats cheese and rocket on rye bread Image This simple combination of goats cheese, sun-dried tomato and rocket was truly enjoyable. It comes off as a surprise as I am notone who usually appreciates cheese (I know, I’m missing out!). The tomatoes soaked in olive oil gave fragrance to the rustic rye bread; both bread, tomato and rocket counter balances the acidic and tart flavour of the goats cheese.

Main course I: Duck confit on a bed of sauteed patatoes. /Confit de canard Image

Owing to its flavour and tenderness to the technique it has been cooked with, the poaching of the leg of the duck in it’s own fat together with the use of seasonings such as thyme, salt and garlic made this dish a winner.

Main course II: Oven baked sea bass with  raspberry sauce, basmati rice and a side salad. Image

I enjoyed the lightness of the dish in contrast to the greasier and heartier confit. The fish was fresh and the berry sauce went surprisingly well with it. Although this was a dish well-done it may not be an ideal choice of order  if you are looking for something more symbolically French with a more wholesome flavour.


Dessert I:
Chocolate mousse sandwiched between two puff pastry.


You might be thinking, oh hey… it’s just one of those chocolate filled pastry things again. In some sense you are right
but the uniqueness of it lies in the taste of  the mousse. Unlike normal mousse which is rather airy and light, this mousse is
creamy with a nuttier sensation and a flavour reminiscent of nutella. Personally though, I found this dessert overwhelmingly

Dessert II: Creme Brulee


A light vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar coating. Creme brulee have been largely associated with flan(another custard dish), however what draws them apart is the use of cream instead of milk in the custard. Thereby a smooth and silky texture is acheived while the slightly burnt sugar coating gives it a subtle crunch.

  L’Epsilon is a  casual dining  restaurant that is worth stopping by if you find yourself near Place I’talia or Les Gobelins. With a normal a la carte menu and a satisfying set menu priced fairly at 17 euros, a truly affordable and enjoyable meal in Paris awaits.


66 Avenue des Gobelins Paris
+33 1 43 31 69 36

Bon Appetit! ~

2 thoughts on “Paris: L’Epsilon

  1. Wow thank you Nat for this very nice article about the
    Epsilon. I think I’ll try this restaurant when I’m around place of
    Italie again. If you like duck, you can also try “magret de
    canard”. It’s slices of duck meat with a sauce with cranberries or
    red berries. Very tasty too. Actually, if I’m not mistaken the
    chocolate mousse with puffs is what we call a “Paris-Brest”, am I
    right? It’s indeed two puffs and a cream with a nutty taste. You
    find them fresh in bakeries. I’m waiting impatiently to read about
    the many other things you tried during your trips. Good luck for
    the writing! 🙂

    • Hi Helen! 😀

      I am glad you enjoyed my writing (: I will keep your recommendations in mind, magret de canard sounds really tasty!

      Yes you are absolutely right, that’s what it’s called, Paris-Brest or breast I think…

      I hope your preparations for your big day is going well, along with your work and teaching! It was wonderful meeting you in Paris (: Thank you for your kind words I hope to write more frequently x

      Merci ma Belle ~

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