Comfort Food: Best Crispy Custard Bun in London

I first discovered Kowloon Restaurant, smack in the middle of London Chinatown, because I was drawn to it on impulse; who can resist that dazzling array of Cantonese pastries and buns displayed in the shop window of this massive restaurant cum bakery?

I brought Judith here for a quick snack during the Winter break when she first arrived in London.

 These crispy custard buns (just £1.00 each) are best served piping hot from the oven; break them apart and savour the taste of the sweet, warm custard enveloped in a crispy pastry skin – melts in your mouth! Be warned; a single bun is massive, so have plenty of friends to share the goodness with you!

Kowloon Restaurant

21-22 Gerrard Street
London Chinatown, London W1D 6JH

020 7437 1694



Postcard from Paris: Blé Sucré

While planning for my Paris itinerary in December, I came across so many raving reviews of Blé Sucré that it was virtually impossible attempting to resist paying a visit to the famed patisserie.

It is an unassuming, friendly bakery overlooking the scenic Square Trousseau in the 12th district of Paris. The pastry chef, Fabrice Le Bourdat, was working at a three-Michelin starred restaurant (no kidding) before he decided to set up his own shop, delivering fluffy croissants, savoury buttery Madeleines and exquisite desserts to customers all day. At about 3-5 euros for each item, the prices are reasonable too, considering the high quality that they are produced in!

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