Comfort Food: Best Crispy Custard Bun in London

I first discovered Kowloon Restaurant, smack in the middle of London Chinatown, because I was drawn to it on impulse; who can resist that dazzling array of Cantonese pastries and buns displayed in the shop window of this massive restaurant cum bakery?

I brought Judith here for a quick snack during the Winter break when she first arrived in London.

 These crispy custard buns (just £1.00 each) are best served piping hot from the oven; break them apart and savour the taste of the sweet, warm custard enveloped in a crispy pastry skin – melts in your mouth! Be warned; a single bun is massive, so have plenty of friends to share the goodness with you!

Kowloon Restaurant

21-22 Gerrard Street
London Chinatown, London W1D 6JH

020 7437 1694


Comfort Food: Misato (London)

This post is the first of the COMFORT FOOD SERIES in which I cover places around the UK that are great for a reminder of home cuisine in a foreign land.

What better place to start with other than London Chinatown? Smack in the middle of the SoHo district, it is one of those enthralling places that hold a special kind of wonder for me. Walking around its streets and being surrounded by all Asian restaurants and supermarkets immediately sets my heart at ease on those days when I am craving for the taste and feel of home…it is kind of like I’ve almost segued back into my comfort zone, allowing myself the precious opportunity to take a breather from quaint, historic York and recover a little slice of Singapore in this diverse, exciting district (in a culinary sense :p) again.

Misato is a well-known Japanese eatery on Wardour Street that serves up authentic Japanese cuisine at decent prices and generous portions. Don’t be fooled by its modest exterior; the moment you step in you realise that it is almost always bustling with crowds, and attracts a diverse mix of customers from students to working adults, as well as people from all over the world- Japanese, Chinese, Singaporeans, local British customers, et cetera…

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