Grandma’s Kitchen with Raspberries (Kuchnia u Babci Maliny)

We fell in love with Krakow, Poland on the very first day that we set foot into this beautiful Eastern European city. It has an elegant, resplendent vibe to it, and seems to echo of old-school glamour down every street that we took. Kuchnia u Babci Maliny , meaning Grandma’s Kitchen with Raspberries (such a friendly, welcoming name!) was recommended by our hostel’s receptionist as a good place for lunch to fill our hungry tummies after a few hours of travelling out from Leeds. It was here that we had our first encounters with the magic of Polish dumplings, otherwise known as pierogis.

It was located just a few streets away from the main train station where our hostel was located near, and right opposite it was the majestic Juliusz Slowacki Theatre.

We loved dining in Poland for so many different reasons; being in Eastern Europe, prices are very much lower than what you usually encounter in Western European cities, and the servings are amazing as well. Furthermore, Polish cuisine just feels so hearty, comforting and exudes a vibe of eating someone’s homecooked food. Even now I can feel the nostalgia for these meals that we had months ago.

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Creperie Titia (Dartmouth)

Creperie Titia is a casual, lovely little place in Dartmouth to stop by for – you guessed it – sweet and savoury crepes on a sunny afternoon in Dartmouth, Devon.

We shared a selection of savoury crepes for lunch right after Huiting’s commissioning at the naval college, and what was kind of distinctive about these savoury crepes was how light and thin the skin was, so that the flavours don’t get lost in all the flour, egg and butter used. At about £7-£8 for each crepe, which could well be a full meal, it is pretty decently priced!

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