Taylor’s Restaurant (Dartmouth)

Dartmouth, Devon has just made its way to one of my favourite places in the UK. It is a charming coastal town all the way down South, a good 5 hour train ride from York (and a little under 3 hours from London Paddington station!) There are so many reasons to enjoy dining in a seaside town like Dartmouth: the fresh seafood, idyllic sea views, and just the experience of savouring a languid meal in a small , sleepy area.  We made our way to Taylor’s Restaurant on Friday before HT’s Easter Ball at the Royal Naval College.


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Khao San

Khao San is probably the best Thai restaurant you can find in York.

It was the sunniest day I’ve ever experienced in York and the entire city felt so welcoming; Khao San seemed like the perfect place to stop for lunch while soaking in the sunshine.

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Howies Scottish Restaurant (Edinburgh)

I love stumbling into unexpectedly great finds for meals–especially while you’re travelling and completely unfamiliar with the surroundings (save for the saving grace of Google Maps, that is). Judith and I had about an hour to spare before exploring Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh last Sunday afternoon, and we were freezing and absolutely ravenous for lunch after a morning spent at Portobello Beach. We walked along Grassmarket (Victoria Street) near the main High Street and found something that looked promising: Howies Restaurant. Best. Decision. Ever.

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Cafe Rouge

How do you decide on a place to eat for lunch?

My principle is usually to stay away from chain restaurants, especially if you are exploring a new town, on the reasoning that since I’m in a new place anyway, I should try out something that is unique to the location rather than something that is so easily accessible anywhere.

But it was a cold and rainy afternoon and my friend (who was in town for a weekend visit) and I were dying to warm ourselves up with decent food at manageable prices, so we gave up on trying to trek halfway across the city centre for that perfect lunch place, and Cafe Rouge it was.

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