The Hairy Fig

If we had to pick a cafe in York that is quintessentially English, and serves up English food that is best representative of the fine produce that the Yorkshire country has to offer, The Hairy Fig would definitely be it. Situated in Fossgate, the Hairy Fig , painted in vintage green, is quick to catch the eye, but all too readily dismissed as a butchery with the display of ham, sauces, wine and cheese. In fact, it is a foods deli shop-cum-cafe, so you would be able to sit down for a meal in the dining area, and perhaps bring home some of the produce to share with family and friends!

If you look beyond and adjacent to the butchery the hairy fig has another store with 80% of the space dedicated to it’s home-grown liquor. Look further and it brings you to a hidden find. A quirky looking cafe…

The cafe is a little space that offers warmth, sincerity and a selection of food freshly prepared in the kitchen on the spot.

With a little imagination this quaint looking shop cum cafe might just pass off as a potion shop from the wizardry world.

A selection of liquor, confectionary(apparently, they have an amazing array of chocolates) and a very welcoming shop keeper with the biggest of smiles (:

Although menus are provided with each table, don’t miss out on the daily specials hand written on the board. Prices are very decent, at about £7-£9 per dish!

Vegetarian Quiche

Yuen : A very good spread of wholesome English food – the quiche was vegetarian but that did not mean that its flavour paled in comparison to meat quiches, for the peppers and spices melded very well with the crumbly pastry that wrapped the stuffing inside! Also appealing were the beetroot and potatoes, lightly sauteed with Hairy Fig’s own special brand of organic olive oil, topped off with rocket with balsamic sauce. All the flavours complemented each other well, and the sauces and condiments that went along with the dishes were very much unique from the usual off-the-rack supermarket sauces.

Crab salad

Nat: Do not be fooled by the word salad as this whooper of a meal will be sure to fill you up. A generous portion of greens is topped with a bed of crabmeat marinate  and a crab piece. Chunks of wholegrain bread are also provided if you are in the mood for complementing your crustacean with some carbs. The dish was garnished with a lovely salad dressing, spices and olive oil.

 An adorably exqusite ivory spoon is also served with a portion of caviar. I really liked the whole lay-out of the salad, not only does it look good with so much to offer, it taste just as nice. Bravo!
Andrea’s dish, a good choice if you will prefer something more filling but at the same time delectable! It’s unlike the usual Italian dishes where they would just serve the pasta plain, for this is garnished with rocket leaves, bacon, cheese and sauces that complemented the savoury potato filling of these dumplings.
The hairy fig is such a lovely and cosy find. We love it for it’s personal touch, it’s quaint vibe and interior decoration. More importantly the presentation and taste of the food is something we appreciate. You can be sure of a personal touch as all the items are freshly made by the chefs. We will definitely re-visit this place to try out the amazing variety of stuff they offer. Be sure to check out their opening days and hours, and get there early as they have limited seating.
The Hairy Fig
39 Fossgate, York
North Yorkshire YO1 9TF, UK
01904 677074

Opening  Hours:


Deli & Shop 9.00am – 5-30pm
Cafe – 9.00am to 5.00pm (with food served between 11.30 – 3.00 weekdays and 2.30 Saturday)

Sunday 9am – 4.30pm
(Please note full meals are not available on Sundays. Only drinks, cakes, scones etc are served)

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