Patisserie Valerie

Word has gotten around that Patisserie Valerie has a new franchise in York. I’ve passed by the patisserie several times but have never gotten round to trying their food. With an extensive display of delicately decorated cakes and pastries it is nearly impossible to give this bakery a miss. What’s more their service crew have these cute baking outfits on, that includes the likes of an apron and boaty hat.


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La Tasca

Last Friday, we headed to La Tasca,  a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant in town. If you’re looking for generous servings of paella as well as decent side dishes, this will definitely be the place to go (:

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Cafe Rouge

How do you decide on a place to eat for lunch?

My principle is usually to stay away from chain restaurants, especially if you are exploring a new town, on the reasoning that since I’m in a new place anyway, I should try out something that is unique to the location rather than something that is so easily accessible anywhere.

But it was a cold and rainy afternoon and my friend (who was in town for a weekend visit) and I were dying to warm ourselves up with decent food at manageable prices, so we gave up on trying to trek halfway across the city centre for that perfect lunch place, and Cafe Rouge it was.

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