Taylor’s Restaurant (Dartmouth)

Dartmouth, Devon has just made its way to one of my favourite places in the UK. It is a charming coastal town all the way down South, a good 5 hour train ride from York (and a little under 3 hours from London Paddington station!) There are so many reasons to enjoy dining in a seaside town like Dartmouth: the fresh seafood, idyllic sea views, and just the experience of savouring a languid meal in a small , sleepy area.  We made our way to Taylor’s Restaurant on Friday before HT’s Easter Ball at the Royal Naval College.


It is a small, cosy and independently-run establishment, with the dining area situated on the first floor. Note the nautical elements scattered all around the place (:

Just turn your head to the left and you’ll be able to see the quay, and the sea beyond…

They’ve got a set menu going at £14.50 for 2 courses, and  £17.50 for 3 courses.

My starter: Homemade Hummus with Mediterranean Vegetables on a Herb toasted Ciabatta

One of the better starters that I’ve tried, for sure! The hummus, ciabatta and caramelised onion made for a tangy, tasty mix, which was really appetizing to say the least…couldn’t wait to get my hands on my main after that. I’m not usually a fan of hummus, but this home-made version won me over with its chewy (and not too creamy) texture, plus its savoury taste.

My main: Steamed fillet of Cod with a Thermidor Sauce, crispy fried Courgettes, Mash & Veggies

Wasn’t expecting the fried courgettes to turn out like tempura vegetable…but I guess that’s how they came out in the end :p This dish is a rather mild concoction; really fresh cod fillet topped off with a muted cream sauce. Might have preferred it if they had substituted the mash with something more savoury like fries, but still I really liked the cod (:

What HT’s mum had: Golden curry fried chicken leg with basmati rice

Interesting fusion-style dish that I would definitely recommend! The chicken meat was tender and skin was crispy, and the curry spices went really well with the basmati rice. Had my doubts about whether or not the texture of the rice would be authentic enough (especially for a true-blue traditional Singaporean like HT’s mum who has only been here for a few days), but they more than passed the test (:

What HT’s Dad had: Lamb chops, Sautéed Potatoes & Veggies

Lamb is always harder to handle, because if they’re not done well they could easily still retain a slight mutton stink…this one was not only tender and savoury, but I also really liked the gravy sauce, and how the flavours infused into the meat.


Taylor’s Restaurant
8 The Quay
Dartmouth, Devon

Tel: 01803 832 748



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